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Wooden Dummy Kung Fu Master

Wooden Dummy Kung Fu Master

Kung Fu Master is a spinning dummy. The dummy rotates 360 degrees in both directions. The lower part stands motionless, the upper part with shock arms rotates. The rotation is set by the force of the impact. The harder the blow or push on the dummy arms, the faster the rotation.

The dummy is made of a combined wood - pine and ash. From pine the center bar and base, and arms from ash-tree (for increased rotation speed and increased reliability).

The dummy has 4 positions for installing the rotation arms, for practicing a variety of techniques of movements. At the base of the dummy, a weighted ballast is installed, with two supports for stability. If it is necessary to strengthen the stability, it is necessary to put an arbitrary weight on the ballast (for example, a bag of sand).

As overlays (winding), 50 meters of rope are used.

Dummy is suitable for the home environment as well as for sports halls.