28 - May - 2018


Free Standing Sticky

Free Standing Sticky

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Standing Sticky is a free standing dummy on the suckers to the floor. The dummy is mounted on a flat surface of the floor. The smoother and cleaner surface, then stronger the sticky fixation. For the adhesion surface is suitable, linoleum, tile, parquet, lanimat, ceramics, self-leveling floors and other surfaces.

The dummy is quite stable both for working off technique and power load. Fixing to the floor 6 of the vacuum velcro, you can work with a dummy in any degree of hardness. Force of fixation to the floor 150 - 200kg. The better the surface of the floor, the stronger the fixation.

It is possible to adjust the height of the dummy over the metal profile by 150 mm. Growth range: 160cm - 190cm.