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How long does it take to manufacture 1 unit? The manufacture of one unit takes 8 days, the time of manufacture accounting for overloading of orders is 15-25 days.
What is the difference between wood species?
The density of pine: 540 kg/m³
The hardness of pine: 2,5
The density of oak: 700 kg/m³
The hardness of oak: 3,7-3,9
The density of ash: 700 kg/m³
The hardness of ash: 4,0-4,1
Handles in the dummy are on the same level? Are there backlash? Handles in the dummy are on the same level. Backlash - 4mm on each side.
What discounts are available?

If you order more than 1 unit, for each product will be assigned a 10% discount.

Discounts are also available in the price list15% OFF

How do I become your partner?

Send email to with information about your offer.

How is the payment and delivery?

Shipping is carried by International Post to all over the world.

All prices include international delivery.

Shipping time by POST: 20-30 days. (Sometimes up to 60 days).

If a customs clearance is necessary in your country, then we will send an invoice with a low price. Therefore, the price of customs clearance will be low.

Payment by PayPal. If we do not have additional questions on delivery after order, we send PayPal request on your E-mail.

After successful payment, the order will be made and shipped. We will send to E-mail a tracking numbers and invoice (if needed).

Parcels usually arrive at the door to your address by courier. Sometimes it comes a notice of the arrival of the parcel to your post office. In this case, you must pick up the parcel from the post office. It is also very important to pick up the parcel on time, if the parcel remains for a long time at the post office, it can go back after 15-20 days. Be sure to track the parcel!

What guarantees does the product have?

One year warranty for all products. You can additionally require a photos of your order before sending.