10 - December - 2018



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How long does it take to manufacture 1 unit? The manufacture of one unit takes 8 days, the time of manufacture accounting for overloading of orders is 15-25 days.

What is the difference between wood species?
The density of pine: 540 kg/m³
The hardness of pine: 2,5
The density of oak: 700 kg/m³
The hardness of oak: 3,7-3,9
The density of ash: 700 kg/m³
The hardness of ash: 4,0-4,1
Handles in the dummy are on the same level? Are there backlash? Handles in the dummy are on the same level. Backlash - 4mm on each side.

What discounts are available? If you order more white 1 pc., Then for each product will be assigned a 10% discount.

How do I become your partner?

Send email to "info@wooden-dummy.org" with information about your offer.

How is the payment and delivery?

Shipping is carried by the transport company TMM-Express in some countries or International Post to all over the world.

Some prices include international shipping.

After ordering, we will send the shipping costs.

Shipping time by POST 20-30 days. (Sometimes up to 60 days).

Payment by PayPal. We send PayPal request on e-mail after order.

What guarantees does the product have? One year warranty for wooden dummy. You can additionally require a picture of your dummy before it painting.