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Wooden Dummy Free Standing Double

Wooden Dummy Free Standing Double

Standing Double - is a free installation dummy for the pair or single work. The dummy is a copy of "Standing-2" model with the possibility of duplication work. The working parts of one segment are at 45° relative to other, so the pair work does not interfere with each other. This dummy opens wider practical approach because it allows one or two practitioners to change position from one segment to another, at the same time can be practiced as additional movement and impact techniques. Practicing on this dummy with the possibility of moving from one part to another, it offers a wide range of techniques.

Allowed height adjustment of the dummy on the metal profile to 150mm. Growth range from 160 - 190cm.

For rigid stability, there is a special area (tray). On the tray set any arbitrary weight. The greater weight, then more stable the dummy.