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Wooden Dummy Free Standing PVC

Wooden Dummy Free Standing PVC

Free Standing PVC - free standing dummy installation. The log is made of plastic PVC pipe, the rest of the structure is made of wood. A plastic log made it possible to reduce the overall weight of the structure, which is sometimes very comfortable at home, when moving the dummy. For good stability, it is enough to put an arbitrary weight on a pallet - from 20 kg. There was no big difference in practical work between a wooden log.

When developing a PVC dummy, the main emphasis was placed on compactness. Not a big weight of the structure allowed to reduce the load and a weight placed on the pallet decreased. The term of operation of plastic, can exceed reliability of wooden products.

The dummy is movable, after placing an arbitrary weight on a pallet, the log is wobbly, movable. Arms and leg designs have a standard backlash, as on a wooden products. Covers in this model are not included, if necessary, they can be ordered separately.

The log is adjustable by height: 150mm - 160mm, which allows you to conveniently use the dummy under different growth. Estimated growth range: from 165cm. up to 195cm.