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Wooden Dummy Classic PVC

Wooden Dummy Classic PVC

Classic PVC - wall mounting dummy. The log is made of plastic, hardened pipes, the rest of the structure is made of wood. The mannequin is fully mobile. Almost no different from working with a wooden log.

The dummy has all standard backlash. There is backlash on the log, handles and leg have mobility. As a pads, to mitigate the punch - a thick rope is used.

The classic dummy has a standard frame width of "1500mm" (59 inch). Under the order, it is possible to make any width depending on the free space.

The dummy is adjustable in height by "100mm" (4 inch) and has 3 points of fixation of horizontal crossbars, this allows you to conveniently use the dummy for different height, after installation.

The dummy is fixed to the wall with 8 bolts, that come with the kit.