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Wooden Dummy Compact PVC

Wooden Dummy Compact PVC

Compact PVC is a compact free-standing dummy. The log is made of PVC pipes, the rest of the structure is made of wood. The plastic log allowed to reduce the overall weight of the structure, it is very convenient at home (when changing place the dummy, transferring).

For the stability of the dummy, an iron pin is provided on which training discs from dumbbells (barbells) are put on. The dummy becomes stable during training. If it is not possible to load the dummy with training discs, then it is enough to put a bag of sand from 20 kg on the base for convenient work.

On the image shows the dummy with training discs 2pcs of 5kg. Training discs are not included in the package.

After loading the discs, the dummy has mobility. The log remains mobile (has a backlash). The handles and leg of the construction have a standard backlash.

A thick rope is used as pads, on the upper and middle level.

The log is adjustable in height in the range (150mm - 160mm; 5.9inch - 6.3inch), which allows you to conveniently use the dummy for different heights. Estimated height range: from 165cm. up to 195cm. (5'3'' - 6'5'')