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Wooden Dummy Exclusive

Wooden Dummy Exclusive

  • Wooden Dummy Exclusive

    Wooden Dummy Exclusive

    Material: Oak+Maple

    Color: Varnishing

    Engraving: Hieroglyphs

    1 499 $

    Delivery United Parcel ServiceFedEx Corporation
    Air 639 $
    Days 10-15

Wooden Dummy Exclusive, free installation. One of the most difficult dummy to manufacture. Two solid materials are used for the manufacture: Oak and Maple. A log whole (glued) in a combined checkerboard pattern, as well as other elements. The design contains virtually no metal. There is a log height adjuster, suitable for almost any height.

The assembly is very simple, a support beam with a height regulator is placed on the pallet, a log is put on it. If you need to increase stability, there is an platform on the pallet for installing additional weight.