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Wooden Dummy Classic Folding

Wooden Dummy Classic Folding

Classic Folding - designed by WDS for easy operation in areas where it is necessary: quick assembly and disassembly.

Folding - assembled and disassembled in three stages:

  • Removable handles and foot.
  • Removed a log.
  • Removed horizontal cross bar.
Now you have a lot of free space. Vertical cross bar permanently attached to the wall, the rest of the structure disassembled. If necessary, the dummy is height adjustable by 10cm. Reassemble in reverse order and takes less than one minute.

Folding - has good mobility. Emphasis was placed on the horizontal crossbars. Horizontal cross bar was made of ash-tree and specially glued at an oblique angle, pick up the necessary thickness of the slats for maximum operational flexibility.

Folding - in contrast to the classical version, the most put forward for the horizontal cross bar, it gives additional convenience for working out equipment. The WDS developers considerate all the necessary factors for a comfortable and practical work with the "Classic Folding" at all times.