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Makiwara Spider

Material: Ash-tree

91 $

260 $

Delivery United Parcel ServiceFedEx Corporation
Air 113 $
Days 10-15



products_dimensions 13 kg. → 29 lbs.
Spider — is a makiwara made of four impact segments wrapped in a thick rope. Impact handles are installed in the center and secured with pegs. The inner parts in the place where the handle is installed are rubberized to eliminate additional noise. Makiwara is fixed to the wall with 4 bolts. If necessary, it is very easy to remove and install the handles in the central part of the structure. Makiwara is intended for training the striking surfaces of the hands - the edge of the palm and forearm. The width of the makiwara allows you to work with two hands at the same time and also involves pair work for two people. The product will be interesting both for training in the gym and for home use.