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Makiwara Flooring

Makiwara Flooring

Material: Ash-tree

360 $
Delivery United Parcel ServiceFedEx Corporation
Air 130 $
Days 10-15



products_dimensions 15 kg. → 33 lbs.


Flooring — Outdoor version, traditional, classical makiwara. Flooring - set on the floor and holds six anchors. The main feature of the Flooring - it is a simple adjustment of kick board with the tensioning bolts. This makiwara, calculated on the growth of a wide range of practitioners, the range of the kick board is 35cm. The maximum height of the kick board - 150cm. Minimum height - 115cm. At the same projectile can engage both adults and children. Flooring can be fixed on a thick plywood board or lying, and continue working. The impact surface of the striker wrapped a rope length of 7 meters, for easy work. The kick board is glued on a special three-section technology, can be easily replaced. Developers have taken all details of Flooring for convenient and durable work.